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Marszałkowska 107, 00-110 Warszawa, Central Point, floor 9

Tech Fusion: AI at Enterprise and Telecom Trends

Come join us for an after dark meetup!
We will talk about how LLMS are changing the way businesses find information, tips to make AI smarter with AI Buddy, and what’s cool about OpenRAN & Open Source in telecom.
It’s going to be an insightful discussion!

What’s scheduled?

  1. How much have LLMS changed the search & discovery of information within the enterprise with Tomasz Sobczak
  2. AI Buddy – How to make the artificial intelligence smarter with Krzysztof Bączkiewicz
  3. OpenRAN & Open Source: The Cool Kids of Telecom with Jakub Duchniewicz

The meetup is FREE, just make sure to register.
When? 23/5/2024, 6 pm-9 pm
Where? Marszałkowska 107, 00-110 Warszawa (Central Point, floor 9)

Do not leave after the main program. Stay for a chat, free drinks and snacks.

Tomasz Sobczak

Lead Product Manager, Tietoevry

I’ve been immersed in search technologies since 2010, beginning with Microsoft FAST. Fascinated by the interdisciplinary of the information retrieval field, I’m glad I continued my journey with leading search engines like Apache Solr and Elasticsearch. Having the opportunity to diversify my skills and roles, I’ve become familiar with the industry’s engineering and business aspects. In the consulting over last 10 years, I’ve collaborated with numerous clients to enhance findability within their organizations. Today, I work as the product manager of Findwise i3 – an information platform used to build solutions for digital workplace, e-commerce, compliance, customer service, and site search.

Krzysztof Bączkiewicz

Lead Solution Consultant , Tietoevry

I started working with AI in the previous millennium. Having made master’s degree in AI, I not only worked with programming, but also with the regulation and business side of IT. I was the head of Polish delegation to Software and Systems engineering subcommittee of ISO/IEC. For the last few years, I have been working with the conversational user interfaces, and with the dawn of popularity of the GenAI I am focusing on linking the LLMs with the actual data to provide users with the reliable knowledge.

Jakub Duchniewicz

Software Engineer, Tietoevry

I am a Principal Engineer specializing in 5G Layer 1 (L1) telecommunications. With a background in both gNodeB and UE aspects, I excel in low-level embedded systems. Experienced in leadership and technical roles, now focused on technical business development while actively speaking at conferences. My expertise lies in driving innovation and advancing 5G technologies through practical insights and hands-on experience.

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