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Nordic IT is coming to Romania.

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Petr Lukasík, Head of Tietoevry Create Europe

We are Tietoevry Create – accelerators of Innovation

We design and develop unique digital solutions for our customers in various industries like automotive, telco or consumer Electronics.
We are a Nordic company operating in many European countries and having big plans for Romania. Find out what’s coming up, discover new opportunities.

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Get to know Tietoevry Create.

Serverless solutions on AWS

“I’ll share my tips on AWS serverless offerings and their right usage and will show you how to pay only for what you use and when you need it.“

Pavel Mlčůch

Lead Software Developer

Would you let Android drive your car?

“Does Android play the major role in the car? What other parts of the system are needed and how does Android cooperate with them? Let’s find out.”

Piotr Krawczyk & Stefan Wysocki

Lead Software Engineers

Tietoevry in Create in Romania

“I will introduce you to Tietoevry Create – our customers, projects, culture, and of course you will also learn something about our plans in Romania and opportunities for you. See you soon.”

Petr Lukasík

Head of Tietoevry Create Europe


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