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PROMINENT The Original Lounge Bar, Kamienna 17, 31-403 Kraków, Klub Prominent

Re-brand yourself in to IT world | Projects with SIL

Re-brand yourself in to IT world

„An opportunity to change your carrer path for FUTURE SUCCESS. Two different people, two different ways to enter the IT world. ONE COMPANY – TIETOEVERY! “

Katarzyna Lemańczyk & Edyta Budny (Presentation in Polish)


Projects with SIL – when it depends on our code whether the train will pass safely

„Can you make hello world with the whole team for an entire year? In the presentation, I would like to show what characterizes projects with the highest security requirements, on which human life depends: what we can encounter and what can cause problems, what we can learn from such projects and leave as a good habit.“

Szymon Markiewicz (Presentation in Polish)

Do not leave after the main program. Stay for a chat, free drinks and snacks.

Katarzyna Lemańczyk

Junior Test Engineer, Create RAN Engineering, Poland

Kasia believes that every person has a gift, so one day she decided to find hers. She defined herself as a woman of many parts. Thanks to her career change, she realized that she's capable of doing many things - her roles - Junior Test Engineer, Product Owner of an onboarding platform, Coach and Team Builder are her greatest passions of her life! Join her to Digital-Futures. Let her tell YOU how she changed her life, and you will understand that it's possible for YOU too!

Edyta Budny

Junior Test Engineer, Create RAN Engineering, Poland

Edyta started her journey in IT with a two-month INKUBATOR introduction program. Six months later, she became the organizer of this initiative at TietoEVRY. At the same time, after a few months as a Junior Test Engineer, the company noticed her potential and gave her the opportunity to grow in the DevOps area. Edyta believes that commitment and hard work makes all things possible.

Szymon Markiewicz

Software Engineer at Tietoevry

Szymon is Software Engineer at Tietoevry. He likes modern C++, but is still happy to return to embedded, where he started his adventure with programming. Enthusiast of DIT and IoT. He runs the channel and blog Engineer of House (Inżynier Domu). He has several projects on his account, including those for the railway or the biomedical industry, which are related to the subject of the lecture.

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