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Basement Music Bar: Długa 24, Bydgoszcz, Poland

5G Network- the invisible technology of the future | Human – a robot or a plant?

5G Network- the invisible technology of the future

Description of topic: The history of the evolution of the brick. Can you imagine your life being offline? Let’s talk about the development of the telecommunications network and what is 5G capable of?

Human – a robot or a plant? – about the Tietoevry work culture and individual development

Description of topic: How do we work at Tietoevry? Who are the gardeners? Why isn’t Tietoevry a lettuce plantation? From a policeman to a devops or maybe from a programmer to a CEO? The phenomenon of the Boss I’m back and how girls are changing the world in IT.

Do not leave after the main program. Stay for a chat, free drinks and snacks.

Katarzyna Lemańczyk

Test Engineer, Create RAN Engineering, Tietoevry Poland

Kasia believes that every person has a gift, so one day she decided to find hers. She defined herself as a woman of many parts. Thanks to her career change, she realized that she's capable of doing many things - her roles - Junior Test Engineer, Product Owner of an onboarding platform, Coach and Team Builder are her greatest passions of her life! Join her to Digital-Futures. Let her tell YOU how she changed her life, and you will understand that it's possible for YOU too!

Katarzyna Nowińska

Test Engineer, Create RAN Engineering, Tietoevry Poland

In the past, Kasia worked in a microbiology laboratory. During her maternity leave, she spent her free time on studying new field of knowledge. Changing the industry to IT was a challenge, but nothing is impossible for her! Currently, she works as a "GUARDIAN" in the configuration of test environments related to LTE / 5G. Because of her positive attitude to life and full of energy, she spreads a good cheer to others.

Jacek Marczak

Test Engineer, Create RAN Engineering, Tietoevry Poland

Jacek has been passionate about computers since he was a child. Over time, his interests focused on computer systems and networks. In addition, he discovered his own talent for diagnosing and repairing electronic devices, which he effectively uses in his current role at work. For over a year he has been configuring and testing test environments related to LTE/5G networks.

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