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Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Sál Kino, Gorkého 2, Košice

Telco trends in 2023 | L1 from FlexRAN perspective

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Telco trends in 2023

Welcome to this small meetup where we will explore the exciting telco trends of 2023. Get ready for the widespread adoption of 5G technology, enabling faster speeds and applications like autonomous vehicles and smart cities. We’ll also dive into the growth of IoT, the challenges of managing massive data, and how advancements in edge computing, virtualization, AI/ML, and cloud services will empower telcos to optimize networks, enhance customer experiences, and scale effectively. Prepare to be inspired by the transformative potential of the telecommunications industry in the coming year.

L1 from FlexRAN perspective

Nowadays, the industry is moving from the traditional deployment scheme where a single vendor supplied most of the network stack and equipment towards one that embraces openness and flexibility of implementation. FlexRAN is one of pioneers in this area, especially when it comes to L1 and efficient usage of general server hardware. The talk will cover basics of L1 and how FlexRAN implements those and an overview of FlexRAN’s advanced accelerated features: 5G ISA accelerated SDK’s or usage of FPGA acceleration support.


17:00 – Open door – grab a drink and chill a bit before we start

17:30 – “Telco trends in 2023” by Michal Ptáček, Czechia (45 mins + 15 mins Q and A)

18:30 – Snack & Beer break

19:00 – “L1 from FlexRAN perspective” by Jakub Duchniewicz, Poland(45 mins + 15 mins Q and A)

20:00 – Informal beer & chat with our speakers

Do not leave after the main program. Stay for a chat, free drinks and snacks.

Michal Ptáček

Telecom-Inspired Engineering Manager, Tietoevry Create

Jakub Duchniewicz

Senior Embedded Engineer, Tietoevry Create