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Brno - Clubco: Business park Vlněna, Vlněna 5, Brno, Czechia

DevOps in Telco  | The dark side of programming 

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DevOps in Telco

„Cloud native development started quite recently in Telco and it’s a part of 5G evolution. After a brief introduction to DevOps key concept, we will go through this interesting journey from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) towards containers as a service (CaaS).“

Michal Ptáček (Presentation in Czech)


The dark side of programming

„Let’s discuss how not to get lost in the endless code optimization and share some good tips.“

Michał Kukowski (Presentation in English)

Do not leave after the main program. Stay for a chat, free drinks and snacks.

Michal Ptáček

Manager, Tietoevry Create Czechia Engineering

Michal has been working in the Telco business for 15 years - as a tester, developer, scrum master, architect, project manager or line manager. He has a technical background in the DevOps area, where he worked as a senior developer for many years. He sees cloud native technology as a very promising not only for Telco.

Michał Kukowski

SW Developer, Tietoevry Create RAN Engineering Poland

Michał is a software developer with over 6 years of professional experience and a Ph.D. candidate in the computer science. He mainly deals with optimization, profiling the code, and adjusting well-known algorithms to the client’s architectures characteristic. He focuses on clear and simple code using modern programming approaches.